Simplicity.  That’s what I’m looking for – a simple life, but not in the sense of running away from things.  Simplicity of the best sort lies ‘on the far side of complexity’ as an Architecture professor once told me.  It is the wise calm of maturity that lies beyond the anxious striving of youth.   I am up for the challenge of getting there, and this is my journal along the way.  I am looking for the essence, the truths behind things, and specifically how to resolve the apparently competing demands of family life, work and faith.

I design and make fitted furniture, living with my family in a mulicultural triangle of land called Tinsley between Sheffield and Rotherham (England).  I play trumpet, but not enough, and I write, but hardly ever.  These things give me life, but life didn’t seem to allow me the time.  So I am changing that, starting with writing something here once every week.

Here is the website for the business that I plan one day to be a place of training, apprenticing and mentoring of the disenfranchised: