I haven’t written for a while, so rather than procrastinating over it, I’ll try a very quick piece on one of my current preoccupations: perseverance.

Sometimes it’s bold and strong, pushing through the barriers.  But often perseverance is a matter of clinging on, in weakness and doubt, just sticking with it.

It’s easy to persevere when the vision is clear and you have the strength for a fight.  It’s not so easy when your strength is gone.  But sometimes that’s what it feels like to really be strong.

The more I find out about the people that inspire me, the more I discover they had plenty of the same doubts and fears as me.  Maybe sometimes they failed or even gave up for a while, but they got back in the fight and in the end they didn’t let the doubts and fears win – they believed in something better and kept working for it, and that’s what made the difference.