Student: I know they’re our enemy, but don’t you consider there’s something noble about being a martyr?

Bartlett: A martyr would rather suffer death at the hands of an oppressor than renounce his beliefs.  Killing yourself and innocent people to make a point is sick, twisted, brutal dumb-ass murder.  …We don’t need martyrs right now.  We need heroes.  A hero would die for his country but he’d much rather live for it.

2 Horses

Sometimes I want to write about something, then I find it expressed much better elsewhere.  The above dialogue is from the West Wing, start of season 3 (I love the West Wing!)

And on a slightly related note, a quote shared with me recently by my Dad, from a book I now want to read:

The young, idealistic men were all too ready to commit themselves to some grand purpose in which they could excel and gain renown.  They found it much more difficult to keep going with the daily grind and routine which didn’t seem to use/acknowledge their (wonderful) talents as much as they had hoped nor lead to an over-arching rewarding venture.

From The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodoy Dostoyevsky.

Sometimes the quiet, faithful service of unrewarded love is the true heroism.