Bubbles on algae in the sun.

(They are in the water in the tall glass vase given to us by a good friend, which my wife half-filled with pebbles we collected on various beaches, to hold the flowers I bought to apologise for being insensitive, which we put on the windowsill in the sun and left a little too long before throwing out.)

Crumpled orange paper.

(My favourite colour. It’s the back of one of my daughter’s scribble drawings from nursery, accidentally crumpled by my wife’s foot in the footwell of the passenger seat of our car.)

I am reminded that beauty can be found in unexpected places – even amongst the mess and regrets of our mistakes.

A view from the car on returning home today.

(Many of the details of my life, both mundane and very precious, are here in hints, and I am grateful for all of them.)