Sometimes I see something I feel compelled to share.  Like this video.  I met Eric Hollenbeck at his workshops (Blue Ox Millwork in Eureka, California), while visiting the giant redwood forests.  The set-up there resonated with me – high class woodworking, old tools and methods, and all this serving as a vehicle to give skills, hope and purpose to troubled young people.

I left the place inspired and a little envious, but it was only when I watched this documentary video later that I was touched on a deeper level.  Maybe it’s just me but I see the tender hand of God in what is going on there.  Broken people finding redemption in the loving service of other broken people.  The way God most delights to work, his glory shining through the cracks in fragile souls like the sunlight through these old buildings.

Please spare 10 minutes to watch this.  Turn off HD if it loads too slow.


“When you make something… with your own hands… it is a reflection of your soul.”