Why do I blog?  I used to think blogs were self indulgent.

Here’s why I blog:

Writing helps me think.  The possibility of someone reading it encourages me to self-edit.  Improving my writing improves my thinking.  And thinking more clearly improves my experience of life  (which gives me more to write about!).

‘When you deliberately simplify your style
and make it transparent,
you also start thinking in shorter,
lucid sentences and paragraphs’

Anita Mathias

The best blogs I have read start with the writers’ own experience.  Self indulgent?  Occasionally.  But fear of pride can be a false humility – holding back the gifts we’ve been given to share.  Fear might silence us from speaking at all, but a desire for true humility will purify what we have to offer – so long as we keep taking the risk of offering it.

Authenticity gives authority, and authenticity starts where we are, and with who we are.   Really understanding those two things can be a lifetime’s work in itself!

‘Our job in this lifetime is not to shape ourselves
into some ideal that we imagine we ought to be,
but to find out who we already are and become it’
Steve Pressfield

I become more fully who I am when I write.

What about you, what makes you feel alive?  What is holding you back from doing it more?