My grand plans for life are theoretically ‘for’ other people.  I want to be successful and build a business to provide for my family.  I want to create an apprenticing program for young people.   But too often these plans are the very things preventing me from being with people here and now.  ‘With’ in the sense of fully present.  Connecting, not away somewhere else in my head.

None of those plans are wrong or bad of course, far from it.  But I suppose what I’m trying to grasp is that perhaps these plans are less significant, less of a gift to the ones I love, than my ability to be fully present with them here and now, and from now on.  And if making these plans takes me from them, I need to work on becoming the sort of person who is available to people regardless of what’s buzzing round my head.

Dare I make a resolution for this year?  I think it would be to be present.  Present with people, starting with my wife and daughter – truly together when we are together, not lost in my thoughts of business or the washing up that needs to be done or whatever else.  And present to God, both looking for His presence and being available to his opportunities.

I am laying down my business not because it is unimportant but because I hope doing so will help me put the most important things first.  Then, perhaps I’ll start again with the right perspective.