I am blogging to express myself, and to clarify what I actually think about things.   It may be of no interest to anyone else, in fact I fear my first 6 words are terribly cliched.  But it is my act of acceptance that I am wired for writing.  Because once my thoughts have been put in order, in black and white, they are dealt with and I can move on to the next thing.  With some sense of a purpose and an end result, however small.

It’s why I switched career path to become a carpenter/joiner rather than an architect.  (Well, that was a convoluted route, but that’s another story).  I tend to over-think, so until something is built it can be changed, questioned and improved.  For ever.  But I can’t cope with that.  So I need to take those designs and make them into a decision, with my own hands, with hammer and saw – or pen or keyboard.  Every piece of furniture is a decision and every piece of writing is a decision, or a series of decisions, and the decision is only firm once it is made real.

This is the starting point, and if no-one reads or cares, it can be the endpoint too.  But there is more chance of someone reading, caring – or perhaps being touched in someway – if I actually mean what I say, and if the things I share are the deepest struggles or simply the most interesting subjects (to me).