This is my second time staying at a five star hotel for free. I have just seen off my wife and almost 2-year-old at terminal 5 to fly to America while I stay home to work on the business. I’m missing them a lot already as I sit in the hotel cafe with my laptop and iphone. Yet I have been looking forward to this time for a few weeks as a chance to get on top of the tasks I never have time for.
It’s a good time to pause and consider. 5 star hotels are nice but leave me cold. The refined details of the architecture and interior design are nice enough but what do they matter, really? Yet I so often find myself preoccupied with achieving such a level of craftsmanship in my own work. It’s not a bad thing except when my preoccupation spills over into my time with family – which it often does.
I see a stark contrast between the value of my love for my absent family and the value of the refined built environment I am sitting in. It is an environment as good as anything I am striving to create one day through my business, a striving that occupies more of my time than does my family.
But of course I am doing it for my family. It is the means to an end, to provide for us, to free us up. Or is it? How many millions of men have started out with the same ends yet neglected their family along the way until the business has become an end in itself.
This is the challenge to embrace: to put my family first now and always, not to put them on hold. And whilst doing so to build a business that is lightweight and low maintenance, where people are always valued most highly.

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