With Mike the Knight on the screen in front of me and my nearly-2-year old next to me this is the worst – and best – time to do my first blog post.  Worst because I am distracted.  Best because this is life, and learning to live well is what interests me.

I have decided to become a learner again.  I am doing my best to set aside the presumption of competence that I have picked up, at university and from my own pride,  which blinded me to my own inexperience and the wisdom of others.  Retraining as a joiner has probably been the best way I could have chosen to get back down to earth.  But the reason I chose to do it is I love working with wood, and when you love something it carries you through the challenges involved.

But now Abigail is climbing on my lap and offering me Peepo to read.  If I indulge my first reaction of annoyance then all my efforts are wasted – this blog is much less important than my daughter!  So I will sign off until next time